Bergen Amren Consulting


Scope of experience:

Previous work and research has spanned family, criminal and administrative justice systems; functions included: planning and implementing complex projects; evaluating program effectiveness; investigating the policies, procedures and practices of government agencies; employing qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection an d analysis; developing case management information systems; coordinating teamwork; teaching-training; curriculum development; individual casework; personnel management (recruiting, training and supervising staff); coaching the application of knowledge; public speaking; and writing.

He has over 25 years of experience facilitating the resolution of public discontent and multi-party disputes – and conducting administrative audits – concerning the fairness of the decisions, actions, policies and practices of a wide range of public agencies including time with the BC Office of the Ombudsman and as a manager in ICBC’s Fair Practices Review process.

Recent work:

Fair process consultant to a Yukon First Nations government using consensus-based facilitation in designing policies, procedures and organizational structure for responding to citizens’ fairness concerns;

Designing and facilitating student dialogues on – the schools we want, the education we need – for the Vancouver School Board;

As a process consultant with Delaney & Associates, coaching and advising the First Nations- Department of Fisheries and Oceans Planning Group in mapping a goal-directed course of action and designing a facilitation plan for a year-long series of multi-table, province-wide Fraser Salmon Roadmap workshops

For CUSO International, designed and coordinated multi-table dialogues on international development issues for 47 returned volunteers

 Earlier work:

With SFU’s Dialogue Programs he facilitated a Dialogue Practitioners Workshop series and a workshop on Coaching Difficult Conversations. He contributed to the design of SFU’s Continuing Studies Diploma in Dialogue and Negotiation and served as Associate Director of the program during its inaugural year which included coaching middle & senior manager students on the application of class learning to their working contexts.

Director of the B.C. Unified Family Court Pilot Project Evaluation Study under a series of contracts with the Law Reform Commission of Canada, the federal Department of Justice and BC Ministry of Attorney General

Other previous consulting and contract clients include: the Justice Institute of B.C; Legal Services Commission/Society (B.C.); Ministry of Attorney General (B.C.); Ministry of Health (B.C.); and the Department of Education (Papua New Guinea); and Transport Canada.